Being here, being now

Please begin each meditation with reading the mail you’ve received, or the text below as this builds on the meditation we’re working on each day. Don’t forget to share your practice so I and others in the community have the chance to cheer you on.


If you have any questions, please feel free to join our private Facebook group here. By sharing our thoughts with others we not only grow as individuals but also as a group. This way, everyone can benefit from each others reflections, which is why the space was created to enable a safe space for matters on the heart.


Day One 

I am so happy this day has arrived and I feel privileged to have you here. Most of all I want you to acknowledge what an act of self-love this is.


As for todays lesson, I would like to address one of the most common misbeliefs around meditation, which is that meditation equals not thinking. “Empty the mind”. That one meditates when they’re not thinking.


When doing this, your mind will probably have a range of thoughts passing through it. Don’t attempt to avoid them, but instead accept them gently and try to return to the present moment by getting back to the point of your focus. Avoid letting the thoughts get to you and instead look at it in a neutral way and allow it to pass. Exercise patience and deal with all the thoughts bombarding your head and always get back to your point of focus.


My biggest motivation to why I started to meditate in the beginning was that I wanted to FEEL better. During these following seven days together I want to focus on feeling, instead of thinking. The path of spirituality is through our hearts, that’s why we need to become more familiar with getting in touch with it. As todays modern age forces us to be in our heads, making decisions all the time, planning ahead, and so forth, we’re naturally prone to be in our heads. This assisted us in loosing touch with our feelings. We identify ourselves with our thoughts, when we think a though we automatically THINK that means it’s true. Even when we are thinking unkind things about ourselves, which is so far off from the truth.


That is why I’ve designed this 7 day meditation kick-off to unblock the false ideas about meditation, and to assist you in the process with my guided meditations. What you simply need is to sit down, set aside 8 minutes today and I will guide you through it.


I hope you will enjoy this experience, and if you have any emotions coming to the surface please know that it is very common too. I will talk more about this along the process.


Please remember it's all about just doing it... some days will feel easier than others, but that is ok. Just stay with it, observe and let it happen.


But for now, I just want you to sit down and breath with me.