how We show up for ourselves


We're almost halfway through the workshop, so I want to begin by acknowledging you for showing up for yourself. In this practice, my hope for you is to come to understanding that it's not about getting rid of thoughts or emotions. But more about learning to observe what is going on inside of you. More about changing your relationship to your thoughts and feelings.

One of the most common misbeliefs about meditation is that if your head is too busy with thoughts, the meditation hasn't been successful or good enough. I hear this all the time! "I tried to meditate, but my mind was so busy," and concluded that the practice was a "failure." The truth is that regardless of how much time you spent on meditating, regardless of how busy your mind is, it IS successful because you set aside to meet yourself and did that acknowledgment. It happens to all of us, regardless of how long you've meditated. I've been a daily meditator for years and experience times in my practice where my mind is busy. The difference is that I acknowledge them, look at them as is they are clouds passing by, I don't identify myself with them but instead, remind myself to breathe and let them go. It's okay! What matters is what you do from there; do you keep showing up for yourself with compassion, or declare defeat because your mind is busy?

The key to a consistent meditation practice IS consistency. The only time we fail is when we choose failure. It is a choice. What if a crawling baby would decide to not get up and walk? Because it is challenging or too distracted by all the toys on the floor? Have you seen a child give up on walking, or comparing itself to others practice? No, it keeps getting up. The child might hit its head here and there, fall, cry, but we all get up in our own time.

That is also one of the main reasons why I begin each week with sharing. This is to prepare you through the process to remind you that this is a practice and for it to become one, you need to be gentle with yourself, regardless if you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years — it does not matter.

Instead of getting attached to the idea of how long you have meditated, I invite you to instead focus that you chose to show up for yourself. If that isn't a testament of compassion to yourself, then I don't know what is. So please be kind to your self, it's a process, and that means there will be ups and downs, which is beautiful and a part of the process of learning.

Life isn't a straight line when you learned to walk as a little child, you fell many times before you were able to stand fully. Before you were able to walk, you fell many times, but you kept standing up. So please don't hold any judgment towards yourself. The fact that you are reading this, right here, right now, and that is about to plug in your headphones to meditate is a testament to success. You are showing up for yourself, it is not about the result — there is a reason why it is called a practice and not a marathon.


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  • What does it mean for me to be kind with myself?

  • What is stopping me from being kind to myself?

  • What is one healthy thing I can do to support myself when I’m sad or stressed out?

  • What would I say to someone I deeply care about who was struggling with the same issue I am?

  • How can I be a nurturing parent to myself?

  • What is one kind statement I feel comfortable saying to myself when I need support?

  • What’s one small way I can start doing that today?

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