Love and kindess


Just as the brain creates new pathways when learning to do something new, you are learning something new and using your inner tools, re-pattering your mind, and befriending your true essence.

I genuinely believe that if a being truly loves themselves, they would not only harm themselves nor anyone else for that matter. I believe if every person would love themselves, this world be a different place.

I truly believe that if a being would love themselves, they’d know that there is no difference between you and me, that we are really just the same and that we here having human experience, we wouldn’t be attached to our bodies but instead honor them as the temporary physical costume that we’re in.

By showing up for ourselves, lovingly, every day, with from the intention that we want to do what feels good, we not only change the landscape through which we operate but also that connect to our essence.

You begin to move from within.



  • Go back to your notes from the first week, look at how you where feeling then and compare to how you are feeling now.

  • Journal out what internal changes have been taking place during the past weeks.

  • In what ways have you been acting more loving towards yourself, in thoughts, emotions and how you behave towards yourself?


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