Heart connectivity


 As for this week's sharing, you are focusing your attention on your heart and the feeling of gratitude. We live in a world where we are bombarded continuously with impression, information, and marketing to do more, buy more, and have the latest to the point that many feel that if they don't have certain things, it reflects upon their value as humans. 

This gets us caught in a state lack-mentality because we're focusing on what we don't have, and in correlation to that feeding a subconscious belief that who we are isn't enough. That we need to have certain things to be accepted, in other words, the focus is being ripped from personal and heartfelt qualities onto acquiring. 

Studies have shown that gratitude meditation assists in feeling more happiness, heightening well-being, especially a positive mood, and protect you from stress and negativity to just mention a few benefits. It also assists you to focus on what you do have. What truly matters to you, and finding appreciation in the here and now. 

Earlier during this workshop, you were introduced to the idea to look at your thoughts, rather than from them. We have also touched upon de-attaching from the mind, which is why the most efficient way to come home to ourselves is through the heart.

Often we neglect the simpleness of being able to breathe, but if we reflect upon it, isn't it amazing that you have a body that breather for you, even when you sleep? You don't need to do anything consciously, it breathes for you while you are sleeping. We take these things for granted, we forget the sweetness of feeling the brisk air running through our hair, or when the sun kisses our skin. We even neglect we obtain the most powerful machines the universe has even made­–our minds.

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.

A belief is only a thought that you continue to think.

A belief is only your habit of thought.

It's only a practiced thought.

A belief is only a thought that you think a lot. 

Here's the good news: You can change your thought, you can change your patterns, you can practice, so it becomes second nature – just like you don't put any mental energy into how you walk like you used to as a child – you can change. This is why consistency is of the highest importance, remember: the key to consistency IS consistency.  


Before starting this weeks meditation practice, begin with answering this weeks journal. Feel free to add qualities throughout the week, the more you focusing your attention on these questions as you week progress. You are practicing your thoughts and brain patterns and creating new ways of thinking.

  • what about yourself are you mostly grateful for?

  • what aspects of your personality are you grateful for?

  • what qualities of your heart are you grateful for?

  • what about where you are in your life are you grateful for?

  • what actions cultivate in your life cultivate emotions of gratitude and joy?



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