Deepen your trust muscle


Well done for sticking with it, you are more than halfway through now. Most of us seem to think that the harder we work, the more we get out of it. However, this isn't always true.

Many of us go through our days building up energy in our bodies, if we are not mindful of what we take on, these energies start to create lower frequency emotions such and worry and anxiety. These emotions do not only develop illnesses, in the long run, it also shuts us down, right then and there while spiraling down.

Last week we practiced heart connection through a gratitude meditation. You focused on the feeling of gratitude and to connect with your heart. When you do so, you let go of resistance and the tensions that you may have been built up to begin to resolve. It's a simple practice of its own yet so profound because, at the minute of the day, we can apply this simple practice of taking a few deep breaths and drop into our hearts.

When we practice gratitude, the feeling of it will come more natural to us with time. That is why it is called a practice.



  • Journal what emotions and feelings came up during the meditation.

  • How can you honors your feelings?

  • How can you act in ways that serve you?

  • What small change can you to honor your needs on a daily basis?


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