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Welcome to this workshop! I’m so grateful to have you here, for it means that you have chosen to step up and advocate for yourself. This means that you are willing to take a very honest look at ALL aspects of yourself inside of this workshop to reclaim any missing ones. You have chosen to no longer allow outside experiences to control you, but rather to step into your wholly integrated, powerful self. Most of all, I want you to acknowledge what an act of self-love this is. This takes time. Be patient. 

This workshop will be administered through guided meditations and written exercises. The meditations will support you in creating new neural pathways, and the journal prompts for deeper cognitive integration.

Now, I want you to be aware. During this process, the shadow aspect of your ego is going to play quite a few tricks on you. Shadow is the embodiment of ego, and ego hates to die. If you are not willing to take an in-depth look at yourself, if you are not willing to ruthlessly get honest with yourself, then you will give into your ego, and you will not ascend as high as these tools have the ability to take you.

To get the most out of this workshop, I invite you to bridge wherever you are right now (this varies for each of us) to the knowledge that this work is right and will work for you. The shadow aspect of your ego is going to convince you of the opposite every step of the way. In this specific circumstance, the mind really does win over matter. 

Only you can lean in, only you can buy in, only you can get brutally honest with yourself, and only you can dedicate the sacred daily time to yourself to do the work; therefore, only you can transform yourself. I cannot do it for you. Even if you have done elements of this work before, I urge you to not skip any steps, for any time that we do things with repetition, they integrate more profound into the subconscious. Each week and module is designed as a stepping stone onto the next.

I also urge you to be gentle and kind with yourself throughout these next weeks. It will be more emotional for some than others. Self-care is critical. Taking space for yourself and rest are great tools if this work gets heavy for you. 

Also, if difficult emotions arise, seeking outside support is equally suggested. This could include your therapist, a 12-step group, or spiritually evolved friends who can hold proper space for you.



How to Navigate The Workshop

The workshop is built for a seven week period, each week you move to the next module as it is designed stepping stone to the next. Each week, you will begin with reading the lesson of the week, followed by journaling and daily meditation.

We advice you to start you mornings with the meditation in order to get the best possible start on your day. If you’re not a morning meditator yet, we advice you to begin the lesson of the week on Sunday evening so you only need to set aside time for the meditations in the morning.




Please designate a place where you can be truly alone to create space for this work. For some, that is an altar, a room, a bed, a meditation mat, or maybe even a bath. Please prepare this space as a little portal where you won't be interrupted.


The only tools you'll need to complete this journal are earphones to listen to the meditations, a journal, and a pen.


The content of this workshop will consist of meditations and written exercises. You can work at your own pace. It takes less than 30 minutes.

Question & Comments

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