The Curly Edit: Best Hair Products For Curls


There are now more and better options to emphasize, nourish, and style wavy, curly, and coiled strands than ever. The days of trying to “tame” your hair is in the past. Now it’s all about embracing natural texture and bringing it out in the best possible way.

Still, nobody ever said having curly hair is simple, so Atelier The Ché’s beauty team and our expert panel of stylists put all the creamy cowashes and lightweight hair creams to the test, whittling them down to these products that’ll enhance all types of textured hair.


Björn Axén Repair Deep Schampoo

The very idea behind the no-poo movement is that curls need all the hydration they can get, and shampoos, with their "we'll get your scalp clean" antics, can contribute to dry, fragile strands. It's led some people to swear off shampoo altogether, but that's never been an option at ATC.

The foundation of curly hair is hydration. The hairstyle dries out easier so having a schampoo that takes cares of the regular maintenance year around is essential.

Curly pro tips: The more hydration you can add to you curl-care, the better the locks will look. See the schampooing as a pre-condition phase were you clean and prep the curls with hydration before going for the conditioner.


Björn Axén Repair Deep Conditioner

As for step two, Björn Axén’s Repair Deep conditioner detangles the hair and leaves it smooth and hydrated.

Curly pro tip: Leave 60% of the conditoner instead of rinsing it out. Curly hair demands more condition and by leaving the conditioner the hair can soak in the hydration longer while it dries. It will help the locks get defined curls.


Bumble and Bumble Bb. Curl Pre-style Primer

Have you ever dreamed of a product that you can spray in and bounces the curls back after a good night sleep? Bumble & Bumble Curl Pre-styling primer active ingredient HydraSculpt Blend ™, a crosslinking polymer that mixes the benefits of the styling with moisture so that each lid becomes more defined and moisturised, together with a Brazilian oil mix such as otter oil, babassu oil, and pracax oil shields the locks with hydration.

Curl pro tip: Use the primer after shower and when you need a quick fix in the morning. A few sprays, give it some minutes and see how the curls start bouncing back.


A styling cream that has extra conditioning and light hold to define and control curls with a stronger curl pattern. When the complete Curl line is used together, curls are beautiful, defined and frizz free - and they stay that way 2x longer. Powered by our Extended Curl Memory technology, Curl Defining Styling Cream:

  • provides extra conditioning and light hold

  • blocks humidity that causes frizz

  • creates smooth, long lasting touchable curls

Curl pro tip: A little goes a long way, add water in your hand with the cream before applying it. The richness of the product can leave it a little “gel-ish“ when not being blended out with water.

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