Let's Discuss: What is Spiritual Awakening?


We are spiritual beings having a human experience, a concept that can be a little challenging at first to comprehend–especially since we’re lumped up in these meat costumes called bodies. Please understand that this does not have anything to do with what line of belief you come from, whether you are an atheist, religious or spiritual person.

While we try to fill this hole with money, material things, lovers, careers and addictions, we ultimately wind up feeling isolated and alone, not knowing what to do with our lives. Many of us have inherited a chronic, but deep sense of unhappiness. No matter what we do or where we go, we always seem to carry a gaping void of emptiness and isolation within us. For others, this feeling creeps up later in life, while other takes the quest of searching for a deeper sense of happiness after having reached financial and material goals, yet still feel unhappy and hallow. As well, after a distressing experience or spontaneous catalyst, it is usual for us to experience a sacred rebirth of “waking up” to life. This chaotic period is known as the spiritual awakening process.



What is a spiritual awakening?

Put simply, it marks the beginning of your initiation on your spiritual path. This process looks different for each individual, yet there are some similarities in terms of processes and signs. Another important aspect that the spiritual awakenings includes that this process is not linear. Instead try to see it as if you’re feeling off layers–which you will continue doing throughout your life and the intensity will differ throughout your life until you cross other to your next journey. This is a process you can’t fake yourself through, and if you think you at any time have “found yourself”–you will most likely with time see that there is no such thing. There is a lot of spiritual bypass floating around, a topic we will discuss more of. This is a process of becoming, and more so embodying.


Although a spiritual awakening gets glamorized, especially in todays social media, those who’ve gone through it knows how painful it can be. Why? You begin to see through the lies and illusion of the world, and like any process of lost; this is process that requires time. It’s a profound realization that leaves one craving for something more fulfilling and richer.

The spiritual awakening is phase of stripping down of your ego. Our egos are designed to keep us “safe”, when we begin this phase the ego begins to die. It will do all that it can to keep you “safe”, sometimes it will, but depending of your awareness and resilience you can work through these layers with compassion and grace towards yourself. Please note that ATC suggest having a mentor or teacher to console while walking this path as it’s easy to get caught up in confusion and the web of lies swirling on the internet. Please feel free to contact us here if you need directions to a qualified mentor, coach or/and healer.

The feeling that your life doesn’t make sense anymore is the byproduct of having all of your former beliefs, desires, and paradigms challenged and contradicted. This can start as a emotion, yet something challenging to intellectualise–the spiritual awakening requires one to go through the heart space. This is painful, but a necessary part of your expansion. This is a phase of confronting dogmas, social constructs and patriarchal systems in order to come closer to your own core and essence. When we undergo this process, we literally wake up to life. Here’s where we begin to fathom and experience our origin of divinity, while detaching from our thoughts, feelings and the meat suit we experience life from. In other words, in this process we let go of who we think we are in order to become.

Why does spiritual awakening happen?

Please note that this is a multi-dimensional and layered question and therefore, the answer here will be kept simple with the intention to serve the highest good of all concerned with ease and grace.

Spiritual awakening happens as a natural part of your souls’ evolution, which is expanding. Just as everything in life grows, so does our connection with our souls. The more you connect to your soul, the more you experience transformation. The more you embody your soul, the more you taste true and lasting joy, peace, fulfillment, love and freedom.


Practices to Assist in Your Spiritual Awakening

If you are feeling like you have had hints of awakening but want to open yourself fully to its potential, here are some recommended activities:

Spend time in your silence, yet don’t be afraid of reaching out for support - this is not a process you need to go through alone, however it’s of the highest importance that you make sure who’s guiding you is doing if of the highest good of all.