How to: Get More Mileage Out of Your Sunday


There’s something interesting about sundays, you feel it when you wake up. The energy feels lower, the buzz of the city isn’t as intense–almost as if the collective has taken down the activity a notch. Which it (we) do. Perhaps you’ve experienced on elf those I-don’t-want-today-to -end scenarios, whether thats you don’t want to get to work or because right now you’re having so much fun, that’s why you should consider adding more milage to your Sunday.

Social Sundays is a weekly activity created by a group of friends 8 years ago in a town on the west coast of Sweden, as an attempt to transmute the lack of activity and angst to a sociable day filled with food, friends and fun.

Never underestimate the power of food and good company, that in its own is fun. With time more friends started to join Social Sunday’s and the dialog around Sundays changes. Nobody talked about Sunday blue, they weren’t experiencing it. Instead they were enjoying each others company at the end of the week, enjoying a nice meal and letting the day flow. They did flow, sometimes into a 12-hour thing yet they all felt more energized and ready for the new week than prior to their Sunday gatherings.

8 years later, ATC founder Sara still carries the spirit of Social Sundays at heart. “That period was when my love for brunt started, we used to get table at an Italian place that served Italian buffet. There was buffet for warm dished, cold dished and of course desserts–my personal favorites,” Sara shares. “That’s my favorite meal of any day, but also how we changed a dull day such as Sunday into something we looked forward to”.

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What does a day well spent look for you?

When was the last time you reflected on what your ultimate day looks like? What about your ultimate Sunday?

While some enjoy a more sociable Sunday, other might like to prepare for the week ahead. Cleaning out the energy of the week gone by and prepare for the new week. It may also vary from week to week.

You can actually do both, carve out time and be intentional about how the time is being spent. Whether that translates into less screen time and more you time–make it precious so you leave day filling that it added something to you. Never underestimate the little things. Talk to a friend, catch up with yourself, be creative and play.

Where to eat

Over the past years, Stockholms restaurant scene has bubbled of a few destinations worth a visit.

This place is a must if you’re all about that classic waffle, avocado toast, pancakes and humongous milkshakes.

If you’re looking for a savoury, yet comforting simple meal on a Sunday - THIS place is a must. This is a classical example of not judging a place by it’s cover, try their udon noodle soup and you will find every sense of your palette satisfied.

This spot is a great option for a Sunday dinner date, don’t forget the passion cheese-cake–great to share as well indulge in solo.


What to wear

Want to wear pyjama all day? Why not! A nice long set can easily be extended from the lounge to the streets. Pick a color and fit that helps you get the most of the set so you can wear them with fuzzy slippers as well as heels.

There’s many options to consider, whether you’re going for the real pyjama look or a more suited up attire (see: shop the story below for options). It really comes down to the cut of the pyjama set and the fabric and once own ability to play.

Let the shirt hang loos or tuck it in the pants depending on what silhouette and style you want to accentuate. As the pyjama trend was born a couple of years ago, cross-designing the sleep-wear became more common. From pyjama inspired suit and trousers to shirts. Needless to say, there is something freeing with roaming around in the streets on a Sunday with your pyjamas, and looking put-together and effortless in the same time.

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Nixing out your Sunday blues

Sundays may not be sweet for all, are you filled with the blues on Sundays? We believe that a little sweetness can go along way, just by acknowledging the current feeling you start to transcend the experience with setting an intention for yourself.

Often times, we can’t change our current situation, job, or whatever may be causing the blues. What we can do is to change our perspectives and invite a change in consciousness. How about what we can change? Whether that’s taking a walk in nature to ground your energy or meeting a dear one over a meal can be a great assist in changing our own energy.



Facing the fact that you are feeling a blue is first, then acceptance. The sooner we allow it to be what it is and invite compassion to the situation the sooner we can transmute the angst.

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Ask yourself what would like to do that might add joy? If you’re running low and energy; that might translate into a day spent at home making it cozy for yourself. Create a meal for yourself while playing music you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be all grand, no sheet masks involved or mani-pedi­–just you taking care of you. Hold the intention of compassion towards yourself.



Once you started, allow the day to flow. Be open to its possibilities. Things may change and new opportunities may arise. When the intention of compassion is set, you will more likely find yourself to flow through compassion. 

As always, we believe how we intend to dress ourselves, can either assist you on your day or the opposite. Regardless, you can heighten your average set-point by choosing something that will support and elevate your mood, no matter what day on the week you’re facing.


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