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If you have considered investing in this insta-hyped, or even already acquired one but do not know how it is used correctly. It is after all a beautiful stone on a metal stick, but there is a good reason that it's a hype. Continue reading to learn how to get the most of this beauty tool and start rolling.

What is a jade roller?

Jade roller is a facial tool of 100% natural jade stone, which is a gemstone this tool is designed to reduce puffiness, increase circulation and smoothe out fine lines. A great addition to add to your daily skin ritual, or a mini-home spa session. Even though jade rollers have been hyped as one of the biggest beauty trends 2018, the jade roller around since 18th century in the hands of Chinese emperors. Jade Roller is great for calming your skin, eliminating toxins, decreasing morning puffiness and stimulating collagen. At first glance, it looks quite simple compared to many other skin care gadgets out there, but there is a little more technique to roll your skin with all these amazing benefits.

Jade Crystal Properties:

Jade has been used for thousands of years and is still one of the most widely used crystals today. This is a crystal that stands for calm and balance, it is mentioned for its healing energies as it heals suppressed emotions that have a negative impact on our lives. Green jade is particularly good for cleansing heart chakras and promoting good relationships, as it helps us reduce feelings like guilt and fosters creating better relationships. 

As for the physical body, jade is used for purification and healing. It strengthens kidney, spleen, liver and other cleansing organs in the body to help clear the toxins. It is also potent for lungs, immune systems and balances the body's PH value.



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How do you use Jade roller?

Start by cleaning your skin and apply your morning/evening skin care as you normally would. The main motto regarding Jade Rolling is to always roll outward, never inward. See picture below.

1. Start in the middle of the chin and roll outwards towards the hairline. 

2. The nose bridge is the main point in your face and you should always work outward from there. Start at the nose's corner, make great sweeping movements working away from your nose and towards your ears.

3. Most Jade Rollers have double ends for use around the eye area and the mouth. Use light pressure, apply the small end of your Jade Roller into your inner corner and roll outward toward your temple. 

4. To end the eye area, use the larger end of the jade roller at the beginning of the eyebrow and roll downward toward your temple.



You can use your Jade Roller during your morning and/or evening routine. The skin gets an extra massage and helps the products massage into the skin one step further.

When you go to a skin therapist, they massage masses and work in every product in the skin, and they take their time. While we tend to apply our products to the surface rather than really artificial it into the skin. Using Jade Roller after your skin care routine gives a completely different glow.




Jade has been used in traditional Chinese beauty rituals for centuries and is known for eliminating toxins, protecting and healing the skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, jade was used to eliminate negative energy, heal pain and revive some parts of the body. Implementing a Jade Roller in your skin care routine has many advantages:

Lymphatic drainage:

If used correctly, jade stimulates lymphatic drainage throughout the face and helps the skin get rid of "I sleep barely in the night" hangover. The reason behind always rolling outward is to break down the lymph fluid away from the eyes and the places where it tends to accumulate. Many factors such as unhealthy diets, dehydration and sleep deprivation can make it more difficult for the body to remove toxins without manual stimulation.


Improved circulation:

Think of jade rolls like a mini-workout for my face. It is important to stimulate blood circulation in our face as well! Poor blood circulation in the face can lead to acne, dark circles under the eyes and tired skin.


Absorbs skin products better:

Jade Rolling after applying each step of the skincare routine helps the skin to better absorb the product and penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin. If not maximize the effectiveness of your skincare products; you waste both money and time. No skin care product should sit on top of the skin, use a Jade Roller to massage the product in.


Minimizes puffiness and swelling:

If feeling swollen in the morning, leave the roller in the fridge for 5 minutes before using it. The cold sensation itself will calm the skin and help reduce the swelling and puffiness of the eyes. The cooling associated with lymphatic drainage reduces swelling and shrinkage of blood vessels, especially in the eye area.



- If you're suffering from migraines or tense the jaws, you'll really enjoy Jade roller. Use it in the face around the eyes when feeling tension in the head, sometimes even the neck.


- Keep the Jade Roller in the fridge for the extra cold. The coldness feels like a quick pick-up in the morning!

- If applying a serum or moisturizer before jade rolls, make sure to roll the stone between your hands to make it a little warmer. This opens your pores a little more and ensures better absorption.


- If not using a toner regularly, start using one. Otherwise, when using Jade roller, massage any skin remnants or dirt along with your skin care products. You want your face clean before picking up your Jaderoller. 

- Last, clean your Jade Roller with a damp soap and water towel, especially if applying facial products and oils to your skin before rolling.


Below you will find some of ATC’s favorite oils, which has been proved to be very beneficial in maintaining a moisturised skin. Especially during winter. Do you have any favorite oil? Please comment below, we’re always on the lookout for a clean oil for face and body.


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