Morning ritual: How to set yourself into consistency


How you start your day can determine everything; your mental clarity, focus, heart-centeredness and what you bring to your day and to others. By taking care of ourselves the first thing we do when waking up, we not only make sure our own cup is full but in addition enables us to spread that energy to others.


There are endless ways to create a morning ritual, short and sweet such as a minute in bed before getting up as well as being developed it into something longer. Before thinking of the amount of time that you’re setting, focus on the intention behind the ritual. The difference between a routine and ritual is that a ritual invites all senses to be present in the given moment, while a routine is something we can do without really having to be present and can be done on autopilot.


Your subconscious is at an open state when waking up in the morning, here’s where conditions and programing are wired, that you essentially manifest from. Therefore, it’s advised to wait before jumping on the phone the first thing in the morning, due to it will automatically set you off to a more challenging starting-point. You’re more likely to get caught in your head, trap yourself in comparison and loose touch with your inner voice, which will cause you to have limitations in your subconscious when you’re manifesting. Let’s be honest, that isn’t self-love. However, what is self-love is to acknowledge your own behavioral patterns that aren’t serving you and take steps towards changing them. You may not like it, but you do it anyway because you know deep down that it will lead you to the outcome and life you aspire to live.


Regardless of how your morning ritual is designed, or how long you do it, you need to be present. By dedicating a few moments to just cultivating presence in your daily life, you invite an awareness to be cultivated in the morning into the rest of our day. Have you for example noticed that when you meditate in the morning or use a practice that centers your energy­–the awareness ripples into the rest of your day? That’s the beauty of cultivating a morning ritual, it begins in the morning and pours into the rest of the hours of the day.



Set yourself to consistency

-       Doing what feels good to you

Builds a stronger foundation for you to stand on. In addition, it also assist you in streghten your ability to genuinely listen to yourself. When was the last time you asked yourself: what do I love? What makes me feel good? Why does it make me feel good? How can I usher more of what makes me feel good into my days?

Journal it out: Use the questions above as promts and journal them out.

Tip: Begin each prompt with stating the question. For example:

  • I love to garden because….

  • I love to dance because…

Allow the pen to flow and don’t judge what comes out, you’re not writing your PhD. Nobody will read this other than you. Allow what comes to you just flow through you, you will gain so much more clarity by understanding what components gives you joy.

-       Don’t focus on the amount of time, focus on your why

We are living in a result focused world that circulates around time and the effort we bring. If you’re going to focus on time, you could just instead get on the treadmill and start running. A morning ritual is not a race. There will be morning when motivation feels far away, and there will be morning where you will feel motivated to go deep.

If you’re focusing on time, you’re not likely to set yourself for a ritual but a routine. It’s only when we invite intention to the given moment that a ritual can be birthed.

Tip: if you have no inspiration for what your intention is or could be, youre invited to doing it with the intention that it will help you feeling better.

Remember, its only when our own cups are full that we can be at service for the life we want to lead and others.

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-       Explore what ritual feels good to you

There are many options to consider, some may like to stick one thing while other like to experiment and test the waters. Regardless, do what feels good. And if you’re finding yourself being bored of your current ritual, try something new. It can be a new meditation, a new yoga-flow, a tea ritual, journaling or perhaps taking a slow walk for yourself in silence.

Mots importantly, don’t look at others and what they’re doing. Only if something inspires you and opens up your curiosity, but as soon as you start running a loop of “that person is doing that, I should be doing it too…” you’re off route. It’s okay. Pick yourself up, go back to the questions above and check in with yourself.

You are not doing a morning routine because other are doing it, you’re not doing it because it’s something people talk about. You are doing it for you, and no other but you. So make sure you’re doing it because it helps you feel good.

Tip: Just as working-out and training, you can reach a plateau after some time. In order to evolve, expand your practice can help you gain new perspectives and go deeper.



-       Stay in your own lane

As mentioned before, don’t look at what others are doing. What helps one person might not be a good fit for you. That does not mean you should through the towel in, we’re all different and that the magnificent beauty of it all. A morning ritual will assit you in understanding that and cherish your uniqueness.


Example, ATC founder Sara started her morning ritual with six sun salutations to assist her getting rooted in the body before meditation. As she progressed her practice she found herself battling with thoughts that “she should” extend her yoga. But she didn’t, she stuck to six sun salutations and after two years of a daily morning ritual, she still only does six sun salutations. On a very tiered day, she might only do four and that is okay too. She acknowledges that her body is tiered that day, and honor her body’s needs and continues into the next step.

Its not a competition. Its not a race. It doesn’t matter how other are doing it. Stay in your own lane, focus on you–it’s a practice of its own that will help you to not fall into the game of comparison, regardless of the area of life.

- Each day is different

No two days will look the same and the sooner you comprehend that your energy level and motivation will differ–the sooner you will comprehend that the core f your foundation that will assist you along the way is your ‘why’.

Just as in life, its not about the end goal, but the journey. You will find yourself evolve as you go, that’s the rhythm of life. Everything is in constant change so please understand that you will have some days that are more challenging and days that just flows effortlessly. How we encounter ourselves in these moments are what’s going to enable to be consistent, is to embody the point mentioned above.


Concluding, there are many benefits from having a morning routine–emotional, mental and physical. When you create a dedicated space in our lives that steams from love to ourselves, you will find yourself inviting more of those moments into other areas of your life. A morning ritual can also assist you in creating space. Instead of reacting to the events that occur along the day, you find yourself pausing and before pursuing forward. That nano-second of pause can help you make better choice for yourself and those around you. It’s a ripple-effect, one you can only understand by starting your own morning ritual.