Editors Pick: The Season For Yellow


Maybe it’s the precense of the sun, maybe its the notion of warmer degrees. Although spring hasent fully sprung, yellow hues elevate your current mode just by adding it. For full force, wear a full on yellow set. It will not only leave a imprint in your day but surely those you meet.

In color physiology, yellow is synonymous with the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and it is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye. It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. It is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells.




yellow according to vedic teachings

Yellow, the solar plexus chakra color is a primary color, composed from a single ray of light. Its is the color of sunshine and it is the core of your being. It is at the solar plexus where the "I" shines from, where you feel the strength, will and personal power.


Bits & Pieces


Set, here. Bag, here. Watch, here.


Mental level

Yellow energy is will, autonomy, and self-definition. It is the building block of personal development and power. Yellow represents the developmental stage when we begin to learn to use language.

Emotional level

Yellow is an expansive color. The gift of this solar plexus chakra color is that you radiate bright energy to others letting them know you are strong and confident at the core.

The challenge is when this energy is blocked or excessive and it manifests as contraction of this bright energy.

Spiritual level

The spiritual aspect of yellow energy is instinctual knowing and growing into spirit. The developmental task of the solar plexus chakra is autonomy and the development of the self. However, on the spiritual level, we must always remember who we truly are and not to get lost in the "self" identification.




Yellow and Self-Esteem

No discussion of the solar plexus chakra color would be complete without talking about self-esteem - your fundamental power. 

So, what is self esteem? 

— Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is your thoughts and feelings about yourself. For example: I feel good about myself. I am kind and compassionate. I am competent. I like my body. 

— Healthy self-esteem means that you have basic trust in yourself. That you have a sense of self that does not fall apart when you are faced with challenges or things do not go your way. 

— When you have a healthy self-esteem, you know that it's ok to make mistakes. And that you can learn from mistakes.

— The level of your self-esteem determines how you behave in life - how you interact with others, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, authority figures, and strangers. 

— When you have high self-esteem, you have a drive to express yourself and to communicate openly and honestly about your needs and desires.

— You choose healthy relationships and you recognize the value of these relationships. You treat others with respect, non judgmental attitude, and fairness.

Some wear yellow when they want to feel stronger and more self assured and consciously choose to wear the solar plexus chakra color yellow. You may noticed that when you wear yellow, you have more energy, you may express yourself openly, you may stand taller and happier. At the end of the day, it only comes down to what you like, and what makes you feel good. Combine those two components together and you have a good strategy when picking the color of your day.

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