Jump(suit) in Retrospect


There is something easeful with overalls. With one piece you can are put together, what angle you’re taking can be played around with the choice of accessories. Add a pair of sneakers for a more casual and relaxed touch or power up with heals, and your posture automatically change.

One of the biggest misconception around overalls is that it fits a certain body-type, which couldn’t more far of from the truth. It all comes down to understanding your body type and working with a silhouette that fits your type. And since this is just one piece, its important that you feel at ease because there isn’t much to play around with, like for example if you’re tucking fully or party a sweater or a top into a pair of bottoms. Dimensions should always play into consideration when playing with your body as your canvas.

With the 70’s era of fashion as a strong influence, a great way to turn the jumpsuit from a piece mostly associated to warmer temperatures to a mid-season look is to add a pair of heals. Not only does it add more dimension to the canvas as you cut off the legs higher up but also adds a posture.


Contrast is also great to consider, such as mixing a straighter unwashed denim jumpsuit with a pair of knee high bronze corduroy boots. This way you mix material which adds dimension to the look as mix elements, which makes the finish balanced.

 If you’re dealing with colder temperatures, don’t shy away from adding layers under the jumpsuit. Dressing smart is not only about feeling good in what you’re wearing it but also taking in consideration comfort.


 The second aspect not to shy away from is adding colors. Just by adding something that pops make the outcome fun, in comparison to silver or gold details which would have made the look muted.


It’s a simple piece, one which has been around for centuries if we look back in retrospect. Find the piece that feels good to you and have fun playing around with it, from trying different shoes to adding various elements and accessories. Most importantly, have fun!


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