Editors note: Happy Easter & Here's to New beginnings


Happy Easter and welcome to ATC’s new frame! As you can see, the site has undergone a little change. The purpose behind this change is a story of it’s own and attached the main purpose of creating this space.


I remember vividly the days I used to get lost in my mother’s fashion magazines growing up. Easily loosing sight of time and space, as I flipped a page a new world opened up. Not only was I able to escape my own world but I was shown that more was possible. Fast-forward 20 something years and I find many of those dreams have become a reality. I have studied journalism, worked in the US. as well as in the Swedish media landscape, I’ve art directed a magazine, shot a editorial and written countless articles and blog posts.

As the landscape of media changed over the past years, so did my wish for staying in it. Although I love the power of sharing, the creativity of creating a piece as well as the vulnerability that goes into writing from the heart, I found myself wanting something I couldn’t obtain. The classic print media houses were downsizing and the publications were filling the magazines with messages on what the next must-have items were. Long story short, the way the industry were communicating didn’t align with me nor how I saw the evolution of communication developing.


And there is nothing wrong with a solid trend rapport, I used to love the days when i lived in Borås and studied at The University of Textiles where the magazine Chic was my bi-weekly source of joy. My favorite part of the magazine was to read Charlotta Flinkenberg’s editors note. It covered where she was in her life and correlated it with her current wishes for sartorial pieces, travels and personal anecdotes. That editors note left me always inspired, it left me automatically wanting more without anyone saying a word of what I should and not should purchase.

 I created Atelier The Ché because I want to talk about all things we women care about, but from different perspective. A space dedicated to discussions around fashion, were we can focus on the core of its creation, design and how design can support the environment, not consumption. From how it can assist one in elevating moods and wellbeing, to the social change that some creators are paving with the choices they make in their design processes.

How skincare can be a passage to self-care instead of a means to look “younger”, anyone else tiered of the message that youth and beauty is synonymous? Or getting turned off by anti-age creams? I surely don’t want to go back in time, nor do I want to look as I used to in my teens or twenties. I love how I am aging and more interested in the process of how I can do it holistically.

Coat,    here   . Turtleneck    top   , here. Denim,    here   . Boots,    here   . Bag,    here   . Belt, here. Earrings,    here   .

Coat, here. Turtleneck top, here. Denim, here. Boots, here. Bag, here. Belt, here. Earrings, here.


I longed for a place were I could highlight all the amazing people who are using design to communicate high vibrating values, whether that’s to us or the environment, alongside with opening up the doors to the creative flow of the feminine and discover the energetic shifts in the universe through astrology. How we can elevate our wellbeing not only by what we choose to consume but also introducing tools and ancient traditions of how its been done in the past. As magazines usually focus on what the new thing in the horizon, we forget that one does not nescaserly have to re-invent the whole thing. Lastly but not least, I craved for a space to discuses our inner trials and tribulations to the outer world, a space where the physical and spiritual can co-exist (as it does) and show how ones interest in fashion, beauty or any sort of art or esthetics does not minimize ones spirituality. It’s all interconnected.


That being said, I hope you like the frame of ATC just as I do. The danger of being a web-designer with a Virgo rising is the urge of remodeling and re-designing to the end of time. This is not a blog, this is not about me, but more so created for the likes of me. I figured that if I created a space that I would find inspiring, a space I would like to come back to get a dose of insights and heart-filled created content, others would too. That’s what my team and network will provide here at ATC.

So thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy it, I’m pleased to have you here and I am excited for this new chapter.


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