A 360 Holistic Approach to Skincare

Meanwhile the beauty industry keeps expanding with new products that promise you instant result, treatments signalling instant gratification, it’s always important to understand what you’re actually working with. One of the most common misunderstandings about skincare is that one product can fix it all.

We’re not saying that the products wont help, maybe it will. Each person has their own unique DNA, and by starting to understand how your body operates you will gain so much more understanding for how your skin operates according to your life choices.

Treatments can be a great solution too, but if you don’t have a holistic approach to your wellbeing you might be back at where you started after a few months. And let’s be honest, some of these treatments can be painful, so you need to make sure it’s worth the time and the energy that you’re investing in them-so you wont feel that it was a complete waste.

Before you invest in a skincare treatment, invest your time to understand:



You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, and you will hear it a million times more: You are what you eat. When dealing with an acne prone skin, one of the first things to reduce from your diet is dairy and gluten.  

Everybody’s skin is different, what works for one person might not fit another. The best way to go about it is to test what works for you.

Tip: Invest a 30-day period where you monitor your skins health as you reduce the amount of dairy. Begin with first taking inventory of your skins natural state. Do you get a lot of acne when menstruating? Does your acne blossom when feeling stressed? What patterns does your skin have?


Our skin is our largest organ, when the body isn’t balanced the skin mirror it back. Stress can be caused in many ways. Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dis-connectivity.

The question you need to ask yourself here is: in what areas in my life do I need to be kinder to myself? How do I adapt a kinder and compassionate relationship to my life choices?

Let’s be real, life is and can be stressful in many ways. Many of us has accepted it as a “that’s just how life is”, which you see others living a more harmonious approach to life. Why cant you? Is it possible that you’ve somewhere subconsciously have accepted that life is stressful, that you need to grind and so on? If you take a closer look, the people who’s on the grind burn out and hit a wall. No job is ever worth your health; no relationship is worth compromising your health. You need to makes sure that you are living the life you dream about having, by taking small steps towards those dreams.

When we reduce stress and become more harmonious people, not only can the changes be spotted on the skin but also throughout the changes you make. If you’re looking for a solution that will last, and not cost you a fortune­–pay more attention to how you are loving yourself.

Online workshop

An online meditation program designed to assist you in becoming a consistent meditator, through guided meditations you will be able to cultivate more self-love and a compassionate relationship with yourself.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one, how we consciously and subconsciously feel and belief about ourselves bleed into every relationship we have and the actions and decisions we take throughout our lives. Yet so many spend their days associating with the voice inside their head as facts, this workshop will help you detach and differentiate the real you vs. the monkey mind.



There is a jungle of skincare products, and the jungle gets bigger by the day. It can feel overwhelming because where do you begin? And then there is also the question of the price, because let’s face it, you can spend a fortune on skincare and still not achieve any tangible result. 

As all areas of life, consistency IS the key. Before investing in a new product, think a little about how your daily routines look. Do you have a skincare routine? If not, why? It is the matter of the time?

If you have acne prone skin, having a consistent skin care routine will benefit you because you need to cater to your skin frequently. A little goes a long way, just making sure that you clean your face in the morning and evening and adding the right nutrients for your skin to get through the day does result in change. But it doesn’t happen over night.

If you the bare minimal kind of person, start by at least washing your face and adding a product that nurture and protects it. This can differ from person to person, as well as where you live. For instance, cold Scandinavian climate can have a tow on your skin and leave it dry and damaged no matter how oily skin you have. You don’t need to have an excessive skincare routine, map out what you need and what your patterns are and go from there.

Tip: before spending a fortune on skincare, ask for samples. There is nothing wrong with testing the waters before a splurge, your skin will thank you for it as well as your bank account.


Meditate your way to a radiant skin

Meditation is one of the few stressless practice in the world that support you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That translates also to a more radiant skin because it neutralizes stress and balances hormonal levels, it transforms all your cells and tissues, and increase brain capacity and so much more.

Tip: a meditation routine will support you in endless ways. Start by meditating a few minutes each morning, or journal your thoughts when you wake up. When we start our day with intention to create the space we need to love and support us forward, beautiful shifts will take place internally and externally. Ever heard of that post meditation glow? It’s real!

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