5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Research shows that up to two thirds of people experience challenges in their lives due to mental ill health, with stress as the overriding contributing factor. Raise your awareness and create strategies that boost your well-being.

I had abandoned myself from my job, in front of me, waiting for two weeks of vacation before I would jump on the next employment. Many months of stress, anxiety and anxiety had been stored for a long time while I was tough as usual. Straight into the wall. When I finally got on vacation, I realized that fatigue was a fatigue. The body was heavy, the brain had checked out, I could and did not want to enter more information. I just wanted to isolate myself in my sanctuary. Half way into the second week of my vacation, I started to feel a bit more like a human being.

Not only did I realize that I was tough with a luggage of negative energy, I clearly saw how difficult it was to accept the fatigue. The body was emptied. It had no energy, but the ego was choking as usual. After a few days of self-examination, I decided that I could not treat myself so badly. My health is invaluable to me, and it is nobody's responsibility other than me to make sure I take care of myself and am kind to myself.

Using these simple tips, I've reduced my stress levels:

The morning hours.

If you do not have a morning routine, it's time! A morning routine is a ritual that you make for yourself that promotes your mood. It was a quiet quiet moment when you drink your morning coffee / tea. Being silent when you wake up instead of reaching out for the phone. Give yourself butterfly bugs. It may be a skin care routine, where you dedicate that moment to being present at the moment instead of thinking about today's agenda, who to email, or what to do with after work. Regardless


There are two things that are fundamental to my misery. My morning routine, and my walks. For me it's therapy. Walking is terrestrial, just like physical exercise and helps us to land in the body instead of being in the head. Strolling puts energy in motion, which helps you to process emotions and thoughts in a completely different way. I like to listen to podcasts while I'm out, I often get new insights access to new perspectives. Here you will find some of my favorites.


Our clothing philosophy is simple, wear what makes me happy. We all know that we are influenced by colors, by actively choosing clothes that make you feel good, you put a completely different reason when you dress in the morning. You assume an intention that is focused on finding what brings you joy, which creates rings on the water. Your brain will look, find, create new solutions to make you feel better through this simple intent.


If you are made like me this may be a challenge. Lay still? Sleep? FOMO? I would like to have a good morning when it's cold outside, but as soon as the sun shines, I want to put on my shoes and leave home. But no matter what I or someone else wants, sleep is the most effective way to restore the body. Note how many hours sleep your body needs and respect the needs of the body. We make ourselves a living when we sleep a bit instead of giving the body them the right conditions for juggling everything that life means.


Talk to someone. A family member, friend or professional. We all need to light our hearts between the yards, it's healthy to ventilate, reflect and get other insights into our locked thoughts. Many times, we have thought a thought too many times that we can not figure out, the idea grows bigger and maybe even end a reality. By talking to a close person or professional, we can get other perspectives, or perspectives, by speaking to you. Did you know about it?

Please take care of yourself. In the same way you would care about someone who means a lot to yourself, care about you. Listen to your body, does it feel easy or heavy? Be permissive, do not condemn yourself because you are tired or exhausted. You are not a robot that will constantly perform, switch down instead, and dedicate this summer to doing what feels best for you.