Stop Exercising. Start Training

In collaboration with Nike

I can’t help to contemplate on how everything can connect. It started from a place of wanting more for myself. Meditation was the first practice I devoted myself too. Shortly, one morning, I skipped it, which resulted in having a day where I just wished I could zap myself home and pull the cover over my head.

I soon realized how, with simple practices, I could improve my wellbeing, mental as well as physical. Just as at the beginning of my morning meditation, I started small and easy, but to devote myself to what I was doing at that moment. I’ve been practicing yoga every morning for two weeks now, the last time I worked out was six months ago. Looking back, I’ve always been either on or off working out.


But ever since wanting more for my wellbeing, I’ve noticed the difference between exercising and training. There are two different intentions. When I’m teaching, it is about improving myself. There’s no competition. There’s no end in the results one can archive but instead taking pleasure in the progress.


Over the past years, I’ve learned that I enjoy training outdoors. I like to be out in the fresh air, and being around others who are being active helps my motivation and makes the experience more enjoyable for me. I learn so much from seeing what other training techniques they use. Another great source of inspiration is Nike’s Training Club App (link). What I liked about this app is that I can set what level I am at and work myself from there. There’s a large variety of different training programs that you can easily use inside as well as outside. 

At the end of the day, it is about listening to our bodies and their needs. It’s about making effective changes that are not only good for you but also enjoyable while you are doing it. That’s why I need to have clothes that reflect upon my personality. Colorful, practical that allows the body to breathe while working out. But also assisting it to improve its performance. And why do you want to perform better? For me, it is about wanting to live a good life, and I want to give myself all the right conditions to thrive. So now that I know better, I do better.


A good friend of mine reminded me recently of Maya Angelou’s words “when we know better, we do better,” and for some reason, these words have stuck with me on a larger scale. Now that I understand that daily morning yoga, easy as 10-15 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of meditation, can set a higher tone on my day – both mentally, physically, and emotionally. How do I choose not to do it? Especially, now I know I should train instead of exercise to reach my goals.