One of the easiest ways to start clean energetic living is at home. Although we spend a lot of time indoors, so it’s essential that our space nourishes our energetic being. And let’s not forget that we drag others energy around with us, therefor it’s important to not only clear away dust particles but also energy that doesn’t serve your space. These X simple changes will get you started.


1.Clean your bedding

We spend a third of our lives sleeping so start your home detox with your mattress and bedding. Give your mattress a deep clean and protect it with a mattress cover. Invest in 100% organic cotton sheets and protect pillows with covers. To keep bedding dust mite-free, wash sheets weekly in hot water. Don’t forget to wash blankets, duvet covers and pillows monthly in hot water.


Have you heard of Marie Condo? If not, she’s definatly one to take your hand through the art of de-cluttering. In order for new things to manifest, you want to keep a space that is all about you love–so if you’re not loving furniture, décor, clothes or stack half-used products with the hopes to revisit them sometime soon(but we all know that’s never really going to happen).


3. Open window and circulate the air

Won’t that just bring in more pollution? No, in fact, the EPA estimates that indoor pollution level are 2 to 5 times – and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoors. We’re a ceiling fan lover, and getting the air moving, especially if your windows are open, is a great way to remove indoor toxins.


4. Grow houseplants

The natural air purifiers that get the NASA stamp of approval. Try a pothos plant, a palm or an aloe plant for the bedroom


5. Sage

Everyone’s home can benefit from regular saging, and spring cleaning season is a great time to give it a try. “After smudging, your space will feel light and balanced,” she says. After your space has been cleansed you can experience emotions of peacefulness, joy, energized, creative and able to deeply rest and focus too. Sagin is a great practice to do weekly, finish off after vacuuming with burning a little sage and set an intention while you move through your space.

6. Green your laundry routine

When we use chemicals to clean our clothes, it often leaves behind harmful residues in the fabric and toxins in the air which then wreak havoc on our bodies (not to mention the environment)


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