Yasuragi Spa Hotel


The Japanese word Yasuragi translates to exhale, which embodies the whole experience of this Japanese spa hotel located outside of Stockholm in the archipelago.

This prominent spa puts an emphasis Eastern traditions, noticeable in anything from entering the gates of the facility, to its hot springs in the shade of pine trees to the rituals and authentic yukata robes.

It’s like stepping into a completely different world when entering the gates of Yasuragi. A world characterized by Japanese philosophy. After eight months of renovation and rebuilding, Yasuragi now presents a brand new Japanese bathhouse with sustainability at heart.

In Japan washing your body and bathing are two separate rituals. In the ablution room there is a wooden stool for you to sit on and wash yourself. This is where you start to unwind to find harmony and inner peace.


 After the washing ritual, you enter a space inspired by Japanese courtyards. The inner courtyards is surrounded by a warm bath, with five different buildings with a cold bath, carbon dioxide bath, a steam sauna and a additional sauna with a view of the pine forest. There’s also a Japanese-style foot bath as well as a sleeping aroma sauna room with hot stone hills where you can rest in privacy. Further relaxation can be found in the mountain room where you lay in shallow springs and look up to the softly lighted mountain wall, or


They offer special Japanese baths and activities like Japanese yoga, as well as Do In and Qi Gong. They have meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. Upon arriving, you are given the traditional Yukata robe to make the experience as authentic as possible, and to make the experience a journey within rather than getting distracted by other guests, and potentially what they’re wearing. The Japanese symbols on the robe mean “ good-luck and happiness” and “true joy”, which is the intention of Yasuragi for their guests.


The interior breaths minimal, blending cement and wood mixed with beautiful Japanese kimonos by the Swedish designer Alice Fine, who creates organic and botanically hand dyed silk kimonos.

Yasuragi is right by the sea in Saltsjö Boo which can be easily reached from central Stockholm by bus.