No matter what people say, ATC believes that what you wear is just an extension of yourself. It describes a bit of who you are without you having to open your mouth. But sometimes it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly what you want to say. Not to mention all of the factors involved.

But first and foremost, personal style needs to be about you and how you feel. These tips will help get you thinking and started on finding just that.

Finding your personal style doesn’t have to be a challenge. Actually, it’s supposed to be the opposite. Fashion is fun, so finding a style that best expresses your personality should also be fun!


How to find your own style:


1.Find your body type

Dressing according to your body type is far more important than staying up-to-date with any trends. Your body is unique, so scratch looking at a person who doesn’t fall in the same category as you. The fun part about fashion is that it allows us to play with fabrics and dimensions, just like one can alter a look completely, clothes have a similar way of working. The essential part is to find what works for your body type, and play around with different garments to find what feels good for you.


2.Have fun

Fashion shouldn’t be serious, there’s enough of that in our day-today life. Remember when you were a kid and used to try on different looks, playing different roles? It’s all about having fun, you can


3.Express yourself

Do you like colors? Or are you a all-black-everything person? Find what floats your boat, what you’re drawn to and incorporate that into your style. Remember that you can always change your mind, you can always try something new or old for that matter and make it your one.


4. Don’t follow fashion rules

Rules are made to break them! Mix and match, play around with contrasts. Mix different patterns, play around with dimensions, try different textures and how adding various types can change a look. It’s a world of its own, so dive deep and find what makes you tick.



How many skinny jeans is taking up space in your closet? Or do you have other garments that you have three similar options of?  When you’re clear about what you like and why, get rid of that who no longer serves you.


For example, ATC founder Sara has over the past years donated and sold her black pieces because she no longer resonates with wearing black. This way you can make more space for what you actually love instead of having a closet filled with stuff you don’t really love. From a energetic perspective, that sends out signals the universe as well, be mindful of what you consume and why. If you don’t love it, why are you holding on to is?

6. Fashion expander

Find people whom exude personal style and observe what they’re doing. Don’t copy them to a T, that’s not cute nor authentic, but instead see what they’re doing that is drawing your attention to them and embrace that part of yourself. Put your own touch to it. For instance, look at iris Apfel, the queen of maximalist, yet she balances her looks seamlessly. Take notes on what balances a look instead of playing the next edition of Iiris.


Finally, life is not only about fashion and trends. It’s about having fun and feel great along the journey. Style is an extension of you, your light, your personality and how you carry yourself in the world, so leave your make. Not for anyone sake other than yours, if it makes you feel good-wear it. It should really be that simple.