Hotspot: Mamawolf


Mamawolf may be famous for being the first okonaomiyaki spot in Sweden, but at ATC’s we’d like to emphasise another course of meal that is worth our attention each time we revisit.

Mamawolf is a whole in the wall, located at Söder in Stockholm with estimated 10 people. During summer time, you can also sit outside as the restaurant adds the number of available chairs. The inspiration behind this place comes from the Japanese pop rock band GuitarWold, and they play Japanese rock music most of the time.

What’s the big deal with this little bowl? It’s the most amazing soup, and extremely good. The name of this bowl of abundant flavors is Dashi-curry, a curry soup filled with explosive flavours, tofu, vegetables and tasty udon noodles. Whats stiking about this bowl is how well balanced the flavours play with each other and how filling it actually is.