Pièce de résistance

I belive we all have several different facetts that reveal themselves in different circumstances, sometime a glimpse of them shines through our choice of clothes whereas sometime it comes through the way we act. There can be small fragments, invisible to the eyes of others, yet we tend to recognise them as it shines through – but somehow we ignore their existence.

It’s almost as we’re shifting between different personalities, some argue that some people brings out certain sides out of us, whereas I’d like to argue that we are comfortable in different ways each other. The common denominator is a mutual ground where two people are so comfortable with each other, and thereby allow themselves be who they are for that moment.


There have been so many times where I have questioned why we filter ourselves, our personalities, our way of being, they way we wanna live to the point where how we dress. Truth is, I’ve blamed Sweden and its mentality for forcing its way of ‘lagom’ on me – to the point where i don’t know where I start and where these forced ideas stop. Regardless of my accusations, the truth remains that its only our own responsibility to be free. No once can do it force us and its pointless to point finger on things one can’t change. We just need to find our own truth and stick to them.


Therefor, I’ve found it easier to approach my truth as tapping into an alter-ego, its another side of me, doesn’t necessary have to be an altered state of me, but maybe its a side I’m not confident enough to introduce to the world. I’m always struck by ideas of how one perceive oneself to how other perceive one. Looks can be deceiving, we judge and categories a person just by looking at them before the person has even had the chance to open their mouth.

The girl in the pink Stine Goya is a colourful person, filled with life and energy. That energy is a part of her curiosity, and eagerness to get to know the world better. She’s always intrigued by whats waiting around the corner, or the far horizon, the unknown is almost like a power that calls on her. Although she’s playful, she carries herself with grace as she has learned to appreciate female role models with such characteristics. And when she manages to balance these two opposing forces, she feels her equilibrium. Shining, in full force.


Maybe your thinking, how is it possible that this girl who’s been blogging for a couple of years and had a life-long love relationship to fashion is not be entirely free? Yes, I ask myself that question from time to time. Do you feel completely free in who you are, the way you dress and the life you’ve chosen for yourself? What would you like to change, or to stop suppressing? Can you even relate to my story?

And as for this second part of my Parisienne series, who do you see on these pictures. Take a look, a closer look and tell me, who is she? As always, there is nothing more gratifying to share a story and reading about yours in return, which why I look forward to read your thoughts. This time, more than ever before.

SoulSara Chestyle