Alter-ego: Facets

As for the third part of the series of alter-ego’s, I want to start by sharing my joy over how the previous series has been received by you all. Reading your interpretations and thoughts has been delightful, a beautiful reminder of why enjoying sharing subjects that don’t fall under normal sorts of conversations in the fashion/lifestyle blog hemisphere.

However, I have always enjoyed finding my own path in life instead of following others. It’s been a strength to be able to see new opportunities, as well caused things to maybe take longer time. Regardless, it’s a part of the journey and I’ve learned to appreciate life lessons, instead of getting stuck when things aren’t running as smoothly.


Speaking of strength, lets take a look at the previous. The girl in the red dress, that’s her. She’s alway been a determinate soul, full of appetite for life and with a inner understanding for things in a different perspective. With a rich inner life, she’s been able to feel herself forward and with life’s trials and tribulations grown a greater inner strength.

But when you have alter-egos with strong contrast, yet not too far from each other one can at times find it challenging to differentiate them. The word strength can appear in so many shapes, yet what has the final saying is how our mind perceive strength. For me, strength doesn’t necessary have to be something big and bold, it can be the opposite – fragile and vulnerable. Have you have the subject the thought it deserves?


And who is the person in this series? What does her clothes and how she carries herself tell you? Does she look any different from the previous series? Finally, I am very grateful to read your comments. Learning each others minds pathways can be a gift, it enables us to see the world in a different light which lead our minds to grow.