Barcelona will most defiantly blow you away with its beauty and charm. Although this wasn’t my first time visiting, it felt like I experienced it for the first time. Often, I found myself smiling while walking around, eager and excited what I would find around the next corner. Maybe that’s why I decided to revisit a few places I visited the last time, maybe it was because I was exploring the city on my own.


Park Guell

One of Gaudy’s must-see’s when in Barcelona

One of Gaudi’s major works in Barcelona and a must when visiting. The park used to be public, however they do charge a fee now to enter the main area. I strongly recommend to walk around the park and not only focusing on the momental zone. The park, located on Caramel Hill offers a beautiful view over the city and the ocean.

Las Ramblas

One of Barcelona’s iconic streets, filled with life, movement and energy spinning on a high level. Not necessarily the swarming energy I was looking for, I enjoy Barcelona’s laid-back energy. Somehow it remind me of Los Angeles, but if you visit Barcelona – make sure to experience this 1,2 kilometre long street.

Passage de Garcia

A great area in which to spend time, not neccarily to shop or have a bit of food but to just inhale the beauty of the architecture and the cities beautiful architecture. Gaudi’s buildings Casa Bastilió and Casa Miliá, known as La Pedrera can be found there. This avenue is filled with things to experience, I accidentally found a park behind  a museum where people giving bread to the birds. To my surprise there weren’t only doves but also small green parrots. A are to go and just feel the atmosphere and ambiance.

Mercat La Boqueria

Marketplace with a entrance on Las Ramblas that offers a wide selection of food, vegetables, candy and spices. Although you don’t have any intention of buying any food, La Boqueria is a looking at all the colourful and well presented stalls. As for myself, I picked up a juice and a little coconut to snack on before heading back to my hotel. must-see on our 5-day trip to Barcelona. The market was very easy to find since you can’t really miss it when walking down La Rambla. The entrance of the market was obviously full of tourists, but “deeper” inside the place it wasn’t so crowded.

National Museum

I strongly recommend to visit this majestic place during daytime as well as night, during the weekend they lit up the fountain. Its not hard to appreciate this beautiful architecture with its majestic and grand posture, as it was guarding the city since its situated on Montjuïc hill. Once you make it up the stairs, the view from the museum allows you to see the city in another beautiful angle.

Assuredly, Barcelona has much more to offer and these tips are just the tip of the iceberg a few of those must-see’s when visiting Barcelona. Next time, I won’t wait so many years to revisit. There’s so much more to this city and what blew my away was the selection of restaurants, which I will share with you all shortly.