A Letter to Authenticity


It’s been a year of trials and tribulations, as these six past months has put me on a journey my life has in the same time felt as it was standing still. It was not. It was moving in full force. But the movement occurred within, as the outside world stood still.

It’s been one profound lesson after the other, I’m still going through them. After a year of being on this path of self-discoveries I’ve come to a place where I keep a space for my authenticity.

When you go through profound changes, one can easily loose sight of who they are since they’re in the middle of transformation. The more I’ve turned inwards, the more I’ve come to my authentic self and the more people I’ve attracted whom are authentic to themselves.

Here’s the thing dear authenticity, I’ve come to understand that I can’t do conformers. I don’t judge that sort of behavior, I’m not the one to judge but I know what I like in people. But by having ones whom can be authentic with themselves, one can also build on an authentic relationship.


Dear Authenticity

“Here’s the thing dear authenticity, I’ve come to understand that I can’t do conformers”


How many times have we witnessed a group of insecure narcissists feeding each others egos? Small petty talks with no substance. Let’s not forget what industry I’m in, it happens on all events, all parties and sure. You and I authenticity, we know that there’s an underlying reason to people’s behaviors. And mostly, many aren’t aware of them.

Here’s the funny thing, being an observer of these conversations made me feel left out. Not only was there no interest in the discussions nor could I see the point. I was quiet, which lead me to think that I am shy and insecure person. I’m not. What learned was that we’re different, and that’s fine. I need to surround myself with people of same caliber.

But when we know what we like, and don’t like, we can navigate from that. For example, I let go of relationship that no longer served me and I couldn’t serve their narcissism. What happened was that new friendships were born with people whom are in touch with their authentic self.

There’s gratefulness in these lessons, the relationships, the jobs, the projects, my friends whom helped me progress whether it has been through kinesiology, getting into a healthier food habits, motivated me to exercise or to deep dive into traumatic past events that has held me back from me and my full potential.


Although I’ve called these past days and weeks a royal shit storm because I’ve felt that the rug was pulled under my feet, a lot of positive things has fallen to its place. A new sense of direction – a new sense of motivation.  In my opinion, trying to force yourself into that mold is the complete opposite of success. Having a perfect life is an draining and often lonely job. Relaxing and following what makes you joyful, on the other hand, that’s when it gets interesting.

Connecting with your real desires sounds very cliché, and it can be super challenging because it’s probably the hardest thing to do when you’ve always been taught to act a certain way, please others, whether it’s your parents, your friends, your partners or society in general. But its through the connection to your authentic self that the magic flows, the creativity flows and meaningful relationships are born.


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