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As I step inside the Oraya Movement, I take off my shoes and walk by a meditation room that catches my attention. The room is shaped in a half-circle, with projectors in the sealing that is projecting the most beautiful scenery with sacred geometry on the walls. I stand still for a second and gasp. 

As I continue down the hallway, I see a man coming towards me in an Asian silk robe embracing my presence with his arms out, saying, "Welcome, I am Alexander Mei. So happy to have you here!". Oraya Movement is a studio located in the heart of Melrose, where Alexander teaches a meditation class every Wednesday. As I go inside and great the rest of my classmates, I find myself astonished by the beautiful decor and the curated pieces. When it is time for the class to begin, we walk into the beautiful meditation room. 


After the meditation, the group was talking a little about food as we were coming back to our bodies. It’s when Alexander shares an unconventional recipe and bursts out in laughter that just knew that I just adored this being, and that we were going to become friends.

Alexander is a healer, teacher, medium as well as a talented singer located in Los Angeles. His journey began at an early age in Virginia as he has clear memories of seeing things that others weren't able to see.   Like many other children, Alexander blocked it off due to the projections of those around him. 

– When you have people saying gay is wrong, healing is wrong; this is the devils' work. Wrong, wrong wrong ! You shut down those capacities so you will be accepted by others. and you chop off off pieces of yourself. You divorce pieces of yourself to gain acceptance, says Mei.

Alexander began to suppress his abilities at the age of 12. He felt that he couldn't be himself when one of the other kids at school had seen his pack of tarot cards and a Wiccan natural magic book that he used to hide.

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Although Alexander suppressed his abilities, it was just a matter of time before he started seeing entities and spirits again. It was when Alexander moved to Hilton Head Island to help his father with his father's store that his abilities were getting heightened. He met his first mentor there, Donna Kiersh.

– She was the first healer that I had met that didn't take herself so seriously. Donna Kirsch was the first person to ever encourage me to delve into and hone my craft and abilities when it comes to energetic transformation and anything else "outside the box" that I live and breathe in, says Mei.

Alexander Mei at  Oraya Movement , Melrose, CA.

Alexander Mei at Oraya Movement, Melrose, CA.

After his time there, Alexander moved to Toronto and began to study various modalities and tools such as reiki, bars consciousness access (TM), energy clearing and more. From there, his life path has catapulted him from one chapter into another. He shares his full story in the video interview below.

Today, Alex is not only unapologetic about who he is but he also holds a space for other healers and beings who are here to change the collective consciousness that it is okay to be different. One does not have to take themselves seriously to be a great healer. In fact, laughing by itself is one of the most healing things we can do.

In addition to that, Alexander Mei life story also illustrates the beautiful unfolding of life when we begin to accept ourselves as we are, rather than conforming to societies image of what we should be. Whether that’s working within a commercial business field or an esoteric. A part of Alexanders work is to clear out old patriarchal system that has been passed down through

– Its when we begin to acce

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Needless to say, Alexander is a powerful healer and talented singer. He incorporate his voice in his healing and meditation sessions as well to activate chakras and burst through any blocks. Although being located in Los Angeles, CA, Alexander work internationally and is available for sessions offline and online. Please vist his website below to book a session.

For more information and to book a healing, please visit and vist Oraya Movement Inc. to sign up for his unique meditation classes.

Instagram: @alexandermei

Spotify: Alexander Mei