Sara Che

is a Stockholm based meditation coach and creative consultant.

Teaching others to move from within and find their own paths through the practice of meditation, self-expression, and self inquiry, Sara’s real aim in life is to remind you that you have the chance to have a unique path in this world. Full of meaningful moments of presence and authenticity and unforgettable stories of your own. An exploration that should not only be created for you, but more essentially it’s one that should be created by you.


As a storyteller in the digital age, Sara works across multiple disciplines to create to makes people stop, think, feel and connect. Her personal work explores themes of fashion and lifestyle + spirituality. A space she at first couldn’t not find for herself, which lead her to create Ateliér The Ché.

Prior to Atelier the Che, Sara started a blog in 2014 showcasing her personal style, travels and musings. She has been nominated in Zalando Blogger Nordic Awards for ‘Peoples choice’, and is a brand ambassador for camera brand Olympus and worked with brands worldwide.

Sara delights in working with brands who wants to challenge the creative status quo + create authentic projects that will help tell their story.

With writing and photography as her main mediums of expression, Sara crafts her own graphic and web design too.


As a meditation coach, Sara works with individuals who wish to drop into their hearts and adopt the practice of meditation, who are overwhelmed by their feelings, feel stuck and uninspired by their environment and are ready to step into a new way of being in their space. 

She believes that our wellness is directly connected to what we are feeling, consciously or subconsciously. Through meditation and moving forward from a heartfelt space, the results are life-changing.

Sara specializes and gives speeches and workshops on the topic of HSP (Highly Sensory People), the practise of self-care through the landscape of spiritual, psychology and tools that have changed her life.