It all started…

as a result of a sequence of experiences. From studying at fashion school, zigzagging to the financial industry, to cross the Atlantic to study journalism and communication in the land of public relations, and now, the recent years working with PR and media within the fashion industry.



Move From Within

Atelier The Ché is a online lifestyle destination, influencing and inspiring a world-wide audience to live a life well-intended, with the mantra "Move from Within", which means to move from the heart and out; rather than taking all in and navigate ourselves from there. That’s what get’s us caught up in our head, and in worst care–the endless loops.

As commercial media has for the longest time made itself a voice of power through fear based communication, Atelier The Ché’s ethos is to move, speak, create and be a place of love. A space dedicated to all things beauty, that arise from love presented to it’s audience with love.



‘Atelier’ means workshop, a place dedicated to create, a place dedicated to think, to feel, a place where energy flows, a place where people to create . Atelier The Ché is looking for women who are creative, wants to tap into the creative field whether it’s writing, photography, videography and any other way of story telling. Maybe you want to deepen your skills within a special field?


Atelier The Ché believe there is a story in every photo. We capture stories that tells a much bigger narrative & make you remember how you feel.

Our readers are attracted to quality, sustainability, internal as well as external, mindful living, design, and spiritual growth as they like to be the first ones to discover new places to eat, shop, and discover.

We share with them unexpected, narratives around personal style, beautiful designsplaces, ideal for the design-oriented.

Atelier The Ché operates across multiple disciplines. We believe in creating and sharing only–mindful, empowering, and high-vibrational content, that nourish your soul and supports you forward. To learn how your brand can work with us, press the ‘Discover More’ button below.


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